Essay on How The Weight Affects Your Body Mass Index ( Bmi )

Essay on How The Weight Affects Your Body Mass Index ( Bmi )

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How to gain weight safely
If you are underweight it is important to gain weight. There are many people who are underweight. In fact, being underweight can damage your health. Moreover, it can be as bad as being obese. So you should check your Body mass index (BMI). The BMI measures how your weight relates to your height. If your BMI is below the normal range then you are under weight. The normal BMI is 18.5 to 25. So if your BMI is below 18.5 you are underweight and you should gain weight.
1. The Dangers of Being Underweight
There are many people who are underweight. Being underweight can weaken your immune system and cause your bones to be fragile. It also makes you feel tired. In fact, being underweight has many health risks.
Depressed immunity
Being underweight lowers your immune function. This is because vitamin A and C are important to a healthy immunity. When you are under weight, your reserves of these important vitamins are low. So this lowers your immune function and it cannot prevent disease. Moreover, a depressed immune system is not effective in fighting off bacteria and viruses. So this can lead to diseases and sickness.
Difficulties in regulating body temperature
Being underweight may make it difficulty to stay warm. So having a healthy weight is important to staying warm. This is because your body is insulated with a layer of body fat. Hence, maintaining normal weight is important for regulating body temperatures. It helps maintain normal body temperatures.
Lack of energy
If you are underweight your body will lack enough fat and nutrients. So you will feel weak. Besides, this weakness can make it difficult for you to perform your daily functions. Besides, this weakens is caused by lack of iron. Iron helps to p...

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...sleep is important for muscle development
• Add cream to your coffee: This helps you add in more calories
• Quit smoking. In fact, people who stop smoking tend to gain weight.
It can be difficult for some people to gain weight. This is because the body has a certain weight where it feels comfortable. This is a set point of weight. So when you try to go under it as in weight loss or over it by gaining weight, the body resists. It resists by regulating your metabolic rate and hunger levels. So when you eat more calories to gain weight, your body may resist by reducing your appetite. It may also boost your metabolism. This will cause it to burn the extra calories you eat. Moreover, this is done by the brain and leptin. This is a weight regulating hormone. So to gain weight may be a marathon. In fact, it may take long. So you must be consistent if you want to succeed.

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