How the United States can Solve the Debate on Female Soldiers in Combat Essay

How the United States can Solve the Debate on Female Soldiers in Combat Essay

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Historically, only men have fought in wars. Other than a few exceptions, such as Joan of Arc, this has largely remained true to this day. However, in 2013, the Pentagon announced that by 2016, the ban preventing women from entering combat will be fully revoked. This means that women in the United States military will be placed into combat roles, such as Army and Marine infantry units, artillery, armor, Special Operations Forces, and the Navy SEALs. This shift, which will open more than 250,000 combat-related jobs to women in the military, has generated mixed feelings from those in the armed forces. A large number of female soldiers believe that this ban removal is simply a formalization. This is because women have been deployed at or near the front lines on many occasions (Memmott). However, according to a survey conducted by the Army on its 170,000 female soldiers, only a small handful are interested in combat jobs (Chappell). These mixed feelings may cause trouble among the ranks of female soldiers. Regardless, some people say that this will be a good change, and that woman should have the opportunity to fight in combat like their male counterparts. However, others argue that once the ban removal is in full effect, many significant problems will arise on both the battlefield and in the states.

I propose that the United States military should continue with the ban removal, but with certain safeguards and restrictions put in place for the benefit of our female soldiers. Women have every right to serve and fight for their home and their country. Other countries have recognized this, which means that the United States isn’t the first country to permit women to fight in combat. These countries, such as Canada, Israe...

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