Essay about How The Toxic Substance Affects Our Body

Essay about How The Toxic Substance Affects Our Body

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Every being on earth are dependent on environment because of its mother nature of providing most of the essential things needed for daily life, such as , food, air for respiration, lumber to make houses, etc. Especially for us, human beings, environment plays an important role in maintaining our health by providing the requisites to make healthy body. Even though everybody has a clear understanding of the importance of environment, people are degrading it. Because of the increasing population and their wastes thrown, environment is loosing its purity in supplying us with essentials that we need for everyday life. Instead of supplying us pure materials, environment has no other option than to give us toxic materials, which ultimately results in degrading of health of people. “A toxic substance is a substance that can be poisonous or cause health effects” (What You Know…). Different toxins affect our body differently depending on their toxicity, such as lead causes cancer. Although there are many source to be affected by toxic hazards from environment, the three important and often used source used by humans are air, water, and food.
The most important and necessary aspects of environment that we, human beings, use is air to breathe. Without air no life is possible because it is the thing that keeps our system through the body running. Human beings are facilitated with fresh air by trees in the environment, which helps the human body in various ways. Some of the advantages of fresh air to human body are, digestion, maintaining blood pressure, maintaining heart rate, strengthen immune system, cleaning lungs, etc. (6 Health Benefits..). Since the number of population are increasing day by day, the amount of fresh air from environment ...

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...ood, we have to raise voice to let farmers know that we do not want food that are grown with any chemicals.
In conclusion, environment has provided us almost everything that we need for our daily life, but we are the ones that are degrading environment for our personal recreation and easiness, such as building houses, throwing wastes inappropriately, using chemicals in food to grow it faster, etc. Environment was pure before, but now this generation has made it worse. The more we degrade the environment, the more our health is going to be degrades day by day. People could suffer short-term or long-term effects from the toxic substances. The short-term and long-term effects are determined by the time period of exposure to toxic substances. Therefore, lets take a vow and say that I will do whatever it takes to make my environment clean, fresh, and healthy.

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