How The Top Ten Customer Base / Market At The World Of Search Engines Essay

How The Top Ten Customer Base / Market At The World Of Search Engines Essay

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Action Plan
Google is already a powerhouse in the world of search engines, but there could be room for improving sales and the generation of revenue for the company. The first action would be to identify the top ten customer base/market that most of the company’s sales or contracts would come from. Once establishing the top ten customer base/markets, the company should then fig-ure out where and how it can better provide its services to this group. This could include market-ing strategies or plans to infiltrate key economic locations.
The second action step would be to identify the top ten prospects that the company would like to work with. The company should focus on areas that will generate real business opportunities, look at micro niches that are not fully served, and identify sectors where the company may be able to add more value than competitors. The potential to partner or buyout potential competition is a means to gain more customers and market share.
The third action step would be to create a plan of attack, which would also be easy for others to follow. This plan of attack should not be complicated and it should be able to be taught to others. It would benefit the company to create a simple schedule and identify what needs to be accomplished on a daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly basis. A focus on planning would help to flush off issues or problems early on, and this would help with focusing all energy on the task at hand.
The fourth and fifth action would work hand in hand, and that would be to generate pub-licity and build the brand of the company. The company should look for ways to generate pub-licity both offline and online, which could include setting up events, engaging people via Social Media event...

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...advantages which when coupled with a corporate culture of non-stop innovation ensures that Google will operate as a market leader, not a follower. Google is using its previous successes to fuel its next market dominator, a repetitive process that is helping the company stay on the cutting edge of technology. Yes the company has several areas that it can improve upon, but for the most part Google has proved successful with the vast majority of its ventures. Sergey and Larry probably had no clue of the impact of the company they started back in 1998. But they seem to be getting closer every day to the original meaning of Google. The name—a play on the word "googol," is a mathematical term for the number represented by the numeral 1 fol-lowed by 100 zeros - which reflects Larry and Sergey 's mission to organize a seemingly infinite amount of information on the web.

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