How The Three Victims And Their Communities Represent A Minority Essay

How The Three Victims And Their Communities Represent A Minority Essay

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1. Define majority group. Describe specifically how the three victims and their communities represent a minority.
According to sociologist Louis Wirth a minority group is a group of people who “because of physical or cultural characteristics, are singled out from the others in the society in which the live for differential and unequal treatment”. But this not necessarily mean that the minority group is the minority on number. In the film the assaulted were Puerto Rican, African and Jewish and according to my definition these three communities are the minority in this country, because this country was formed by white people that in those days was the “majority group”. Nowadays this way of thinking still and the white people use to have privileges.

2. Identify and explain how the terms “prejudice” and “discrimination” have been exhibited on these three cases.
Prejudice mean create a concept or a judgment about someone or something in advance. I see this in the film when in case of Anthony Baez the police officer asked to the group of brothers who was playing in the street, who was the leader of the gang, the were a group of brothers no a gang but the police officer judge them like that. In the case of Amadous Diallo who was walking out of his building, the police officers supposedly thought Diablo was a rapist of the area and shot him, Diallo’s mother claims he was shot because he was black. In this both cases the victims were not guilty of anything but the prejudice of the police officers made of them was enough to kill them. The book define racism as the belief that one race is supreme and all of the other are inferior. I think this “supreme race” even if they know they aren 't superior they going to act they are, the next ge...

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...o see one another as individuals and generalizations characteristic of stereotyping”. This means that the people who belong to the minority and people who belong to the majority can coexist and work together is the have a common purpose. I saw this in in the movie when the three mothers (a Hispanic, an African and the Jewish) worked together to make the police be less aggressive.

5. Based on what you have learned from the film ( and what happened with popular cases today), what do you think can be done to control police racial biases against minority groups?
The cases of police racial biases are problems even nowadays. I believe that the police department should create stronger sanctions and not to protect the police who do wrong. They have to prosecute them on the charge of racism, and mark them as the do with the rapists, but in their case mark them as racists.

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