How The Temperature Of Water Affects The Speed Of Sound Essay example

How The Temperature Of Water Affects The Speed Of Sound Essay example

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Laura Standen, Mrs. Satinoff, 10/12/16, Stirring Up Sound
• demonstrate how the temperature of water affects the speed of sound
• demonstrate how dissolved particulates and bubbles scatter sound

Do the properties of water affect the way sound travels through it? Why or why not?
If the temperature of make up of the water changes, then the way sound travels through it changes.

• 2 mugs (ceramic work best)
• 2 metal teaspoons
• 2 plastic straws
• very hot (boiling) water (be careful as the water is very hot)
• ice water
• instant coffee

1 Predict how sound may or may not change as the properties of water change. Write down your predictions. Here are some questions to get you started.
◦ What adjectives do you use to describe sounds?
pitch, volume, clearness
◦ What do you know about the way sound travels through water?
sound travels faster in water than it does in air
◦ Do things sound different underwater than they do in air?
2 Design an experiment to test the effects of a changing variable on the speed of sound. You will need to run three trials so that you can test three independent variables, one at a time: temperature (hot and cold water), a solution (the drink mix), and a disturbance (adding bubbles to the water). The dependent variable is the speed of sound, which you can measure by recording observations about the pitch of the sound. Since pitch is directly related to frequency, the higher the pitch of the sound, the higher the frequency (and speed) of the waves. Then, create a data table to record your observations while completing the experiment. Be sure to include a column in your data table to record time.
3 Use metal teaspoons to tap on the mugs to create sou...

... middle of paper ... through it because there are more particles to travel through, making the pitch sound lower.
8 What effects do you think climate change and warming oceans may have on the way sounds move through the ocean?
Climate change is making sound travel faster through the water.
9 Sound speed is affected by the oceanographic variables of temperature, salinity, and pressure. We can look at the effect of each of these variables on the sound speed by focusing on one spot in the ocean. When oceanographers look at the change of an oceanographic variable with water depth, they call it a profile. Similar to the profile of your face, which gives a side view of your face, an oceanographic profile gives you a side view of the ocean at one location from top to bottom. It looks at how that characteristic of the ocean changes as you go from the sea surface straight down to the seafloor.

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