How The Stock Market Was Doing Essay

How The Stock Market Was Doing Essay

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During the first week of this finance project, I did not select to buy or sell any additional stocks. It took me a little while to figure out the charts on Yahoo Finance and see how the stock market was doing. For this reason, I just chose to observe and record my stocks every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday in order to be consistent. I have never invested or even thought about stocks before starting this class. This class was very helpful and informative to me for this case. In an excel spreadsheet, I tracked down the price of each share for each day, as well as the new values in order to see how much money I have lost or gained. Initially, the stocks that I have chosen included: ATRI, TDG, PCLN, PNRA, ORLY, BIIB, MNST, HUM, CMG, and AAPL. I chose these stocks since they were recommended top picks in the Morningstar database. I then searched around to see which stocks I recognized such as Panera, Monster Energy Drinks, and Chipotle Mexican Grill. With the $1,000,000 I was given, I evenly distributed the amount into the ten stocks, giving them all $100,000. When comparing my portfolio to the S&P Index 500 the first week, I was slightly beaten by the GSPC. As of November 3rd, I have recorded the GSPC value to be $978,117, while my portfolio was at $974,475.
When I looked into week 2, I planned to start selling and buying my stocks in a way that would hopefully be beneficial. A few stocks that were performing well that week, such as PNRA and CMG, so I sold a few of those shares in order to gain a profit. With this extra money, I planned to invest more into my stocks that were not doing as well in order to increase back their values.
During the second week, I decided to sell parts of my CMG and PNRA stocks. I was experiencing some ...

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... my portfolio was only at $966,563. This was a big difference, but it has improved since the previous week’s value. I have also noticed that my new AMGN stock didn’t show any profit since I have bought it. During the days of November 11, 14, and 16, its price per share has gone from $150.05 to $148.47, then to $147.57.
When thinking about the next week, I just planned to track and see how my portfolio performed. I did not buy or sell any more shares just to see how my final week would turn out. As of November 29th, my portfolio did not beat the S&P Index 500. The GSPC value was $1,031,355, while my portfolio was at $976,019. This does not seem that bad since my portfolio did turn out to be slightly better than it was during the first week of this project. I first had $974,475, which is now $976,019. It was not much, but it is still better than when I first started.

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