How The Staff Plays An Important Role For Any Project Essay

How The Staff Plays An Important Role For Any Project Essay

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Staffing Involvement
The staff plays an important role in any project. It is imperative to the successful completion of a project to maintain dedicated, well-trained staff. The staff must be hard-working and loyal, as told by (Lister, 2012) dependable personnel is an essential element of consistency in projects. The people that will be involved with the project will need to be interviewed and then selected from a process of questions and an in-depth look at their employment backgrounds. These people must be tenured employees that adhere to the values and culture of this company, they must be in good standing, meaning they should not have any form of document disciplinary actions within the last five years, they must have nothing less than stellar attendance habits, they must easily adapt to change within the work environment and most importantly, be a team player. We will need approximately thirty-three employees for this project. There will be a essentially a total of four separate teams; Production team, Quality Assurance Inspection team, Internal Regulators team and Information Technology or IT team working towards the efficacious completion of this project. One Project Manager (myself), one Production Line Manager, fifteen production line workers also three back-up production line workers, one Quality Assurance Manager, four quality assurance workers, two internal IT Specialist, and three Internal Federal and State Regulators. There will also be three Equipment Specialists onsite.
Project Manager
The Project Manager is responsible for overseeing the entire project from beginning to end. I will be responsible for the planning, execution and the successful completion of the project. I will do the financial planning, ma...

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...ment Specialists job will include the upkeep and maintenance of the production line equipment. They will schedule routine maintenance after-hours so that the during production hours there is less likely chance of equipment malfunction. In the unlikely event of equipment malfunction during production hours, the onsite Equipment Specialist has at their disposable extra tools and replacement parts to get the production line back up as soon as possible.
In conclusion each individual person has to have values, dedication and has to display the company culture for the project to be concluded successfully. This is a huge endeavor that we, as a company has decided to take on. There a risk involved but with the help of everyone involved all of the risk and obstacles came be overcame and this project can turn out to be very profitable for us all.

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