Essay on How The 1800 's Shaped And Molded Women

Essay on How The 1800 's Shaped And Molded Women

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How the 1800’s shaped and molded women to strive for women’s rights
Throughout the 1800’s, the Industrial Revolution was born and known for its factories and harsh labor. Despite the harsh conditions that the workers must live through, it was the only for a better life and a way to make money. Plus, even if they wanted to quit, it was to late because the young women have to support their families. While things such as child labor and shortage work hours were the main issue of the Industrial Revolution, there is one that has made a huge impact in the 1800’s society and that is women suffrage. During the 1800’s, women made up for most factories in the United States. Single or married, all women were working in harsh conditions and complained about the work life in the factories. But their complaints later on made other people understand how important it is to care and notice not only women roles, but for there rights as well. Because of women’s suffrage in the 1800’s, they began to strive for equality.
First off, what strive women to work in factories? First, it was young women saying by working, they can own their own support without the help of their families; second is the wages permitted young women to save something for their future marriages; finally, some daughters used their earnings to assist their families ( Young women were striving to push themselves for independence so they wouldn’t end up in poverty. Sometimes for woman, it was a blessing in disguise. For the girls in Lowell, even though the work conditions were harsh, young women have access to libraries and helped them to write and read literature. Even with the freedom for young women, the issue of being in Lowell was the unhealthy conditions, wo...

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..., gender inequalities in work places, and etc. The main thing is, has the transition of women suffrage in the 19th century, made a difference in today’s society? Women have been fighting for gender equalities for 70 years if not, a century. The issue of feminism is still present and one thing that people must know that women are human; men are human, so both should be treated equally.
Women were beneficial to society in the 1800s. They fought for better working environments not just for them but also for other working with women. Also, women fought for gender equalities due to the fact that they want custody for their children or to be protected in a way for divorce. Women in the 19th-20th century shaped America today and are recognize for their achievement and their rights. The 1800’s shaped women and their rights and changed for what people in America view women.

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