How the President Can Strengthen the Economy Essay

How the President Can Strengthen the Economy Essay

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It is obvious that the economy is currently facing the problem of recession. There are
reasons why the country’s economy is currently facing these problems. One reason why is that the U.S. is in an abundance of debt. This includes the federal economic system, countries and individual citizens in general. The second problem is the issue with health care. Many American citizens are without a sufficient amount of health care. The sad matter is that several other health care systems in other countries are even better than the United States (Newman, 2009). Several of these matters contribute to the problems that the United States is facing and it needs to be addressed and improved before the matters becomes worse.
Citizens of America desire an ideal structure of dreams, wants, and pleasures. However, the dreams that they might invest in may not be what they can be able to afford. This has happened to several individuals in the mortgage system. Several individuals have invested into homes which they could not afford and are an abundance of debt leading to a mortgage crisis (Varzi, 2007). This abundance of debt mortgage crisis has led to several foreclosures as a result. Some mortgage brokers have embellished the income of the prospective homeowners. Consequently, this led to debt problems which escalated to foreclosures taking place. Also, many individuals who have invested in the housing market increased overextended their investment by refinancing their homes which resulted in being under value. In essence, with the decrease of 20% in home value in 2008, the equity of several homes are below the value spent (Standards & Poors, 2008).
In regards to the economic system, the United States is undergoing an abundance of debt throug...

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