How the Polo Ralph Lauren Brand Has Achieved Such High Success Essay

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Polo Ralph Lauren the brand has become one of successful brand in America and across the world, as a well-known player in the design and lifestyle industry, under bender Polo Ralph Lauren collection of product range from reasonably inexpensive to expensive brand in men’s, women’s and children wear, accessories, perfumes and home furnishings. Widely seen as the number one brand that symbolize the American Style, Polo Ralph Lauren has implemented to its marketing strategy, which has leaded they to become a strong brand equity since being set up. Also, the brand has been selling its goods internationally, while it has kept up with its 45 years reputation and distinctive image developed across the different products and brands markets. Due to its marketing tools and its high quality brand image, this luxury brand keeps a constant relationship with its customers. Ralph is a truly inspired and continuously aspiring designer. (Garvin, 2008)

Also this report will firstly will highlight how Ralph Lauren brand has achieved this complete resonance with its consumers through the all four steps of Keller’s CBBE model in (apex figure1) since its creation. Then, underline the Points of Parity (POP) and Points of Difference (POD) of the Brand to finally recommend ways through which the brand can continue to be successful in future.

1.0: Ralph Lauren and CBBE model

Since 1967 Polo Ralph Lauren the brand is impeccable example for how a company must develop strong brand equity through the years. Indeed, the brand has established its image across a diversity of products and markets using a perfect lifestyle marketing approach. To understand how the brand has achieved strong brand equity, and resonance with its customers, analy...

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...inction (POD) in quotation to RL, is to articulate the note of being part of a way of life that includes dwelling the American illusion. Which till this day is an aspiration amidst numerous?

The heritage of RL is distinct to other marked components. RL, himself is renowned to be a merchandiser than a designer. RL’s notions are founded on his delineation of the American illusion, and admiration the upper-class goal assembly to realize the note being conveyed and to purchase into the emblem if they are motivated by the American illusion through RL’s product line. The emblem of the Polo contestant is an intriguing likeness, which connotes that the polo sport is one of the ways of experiencing the upper-class life.

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