How The Political Structure Within The Republic Of Rome Essay

How The Political Structure Within The Republic Of Rome Essay

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In the years leading up to Augustus’ rule, Rome had fallen into a state of chaos. Civil war and corrupt leadership had driven the state into turmoil. While Augustus was seen by some as a tyrant who took many of the freedoms that Roman citizens enjoyed, these sacrifices were necessary to secure the safety and endurance of Rome herself. Despite the fact that Roman citizens lost some of their rights, many enjoyed new freedoms.
The Gracchi brothers are an example of how the political structure within the republic of Rome had become corrupt and dangerous. The Gracchi brothers were politically appealing to the masses, in 133 BCE Tiberius attempted to use his position as tribune to pass a land reform and in 123 BCE Gaius became tribune. Gaius Gracchus turned the tribune into an actual source of political power; he established juries to investigate cases of extortion, but excluded senators and allowed for the execution of any magistrate that ordered an execution without a proper trial. Gaius, like his older brother, was exceedingly popular and made the people of Rome feel involved. This terrified some of the older senators, they were afraid of losing their power to the people. This led to confrontations between Gaius and the consul Opimius, during their final confrontation one of Opimius’ heralds was killed. Opimius used this incident to attack Giaus and his co-tribune Flacchus. The tribunes and their supporters fled to high ground and Opimus ordered an attack, both of the tribunes died during the attack. (9-22/9-24)
The Roman republic was in a state of disorder, Marius, a new man, was elected consul six consecutive times from 107-100 BCE, in addition to this he was also elected consul while absent from the city. These actions show that...

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...o get his inheritance. Octavian succeeds and in 43 BCE marches on Rome with eight legions. He takes the city and uses the treasury to pay his soldiers for their service. Octavian restored peace to Rome, and attempted to keep the Republican framework within the political structure. (10-10)
Augustus came to power in 27 BCE and attempted to restore the Republic of Romehe held the consulship for four years and tribune for life. He gained territories in Spain, Syria and Egypt, and took the title of Princeps. He increased the number of officer positions within the army and pain pensions from his own finances. Under Augustus Rome was peaceful and thriving, however, to achieve this Augustus was forced to limit the power of the senate and the people. However, women of this time were more prominent within politics and social life, there were no civil wars and Rome was secure.

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