How The Online Market Influenced Sales Essay

How The Online Market Influenced Sales Essay

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How the Online Market Influenced Sales
Over the years the online market has had a significant influence on how sales are conducted and how sales representatives go about reaching their buyers. Along with the internet came easy access to endless information on whatever the consumer wanted to learn more about. This new source of information and the relative ease to access that information made sales teams have to adapt or fall behind. The influence that the online market has had on sales include, how information is accessed by the buyer, the techniques that are used to finish a sale, the importance of relationships.
First and foremost, do online sales represent sales or are they classified differently? Sales are defined in multiple ways depending if it is just the exchange of money for a service or product, or if it is personal selling in which the company employee interacts directly with an individual to discuss a product or service. Online sales can be both, although most online sales do not count as personal sales because the buyer never interacts with a business representative before purchasing the product. If the buyer calls the company to discuss the product for further information or in order to convince themselves further that it is a worthwhile investment, then it can count as personal sales, which will be used to define sales in this case. Although most online sales do not technically count as sales because there was no direct interaction between a company representative and the buyer, it does not lessen the influence that the online market has had on how sales are conducted.
To start, the online market has had a major influence on where and how information is accessed about the product that is of interest to the buyer....

... middle of paper ...

...tial. With the introduction of the internet there has been many changes in sales from how information is accessed by the buyer, how a sales representative finishes a sale, to the importance that relationships play in conducting good business. With these changes comes even further room for improvement in the industry in order to stay competitive. The advancements in online sales, the internet, and how buyers get access to their information will only continue to grow in the coming years, and the influence that the online market has had, has further improved and adapted the sales industry to be able to keep up with the changing times. Overall, the online market has had a positive effect on the sales industry in preparing it for what is to come and leading to adaptions to offset the increase in sales without the use of a sales representative and the ever changing market.

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