Essay on How the Norwegian Progress Party (FRP) is Protrayed in British Media

Essay on How the Norwegian Progress Party (FRP) is Protrayed in British Media

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As a result of months of intense campaigning across the 1500-mile long country, on September 9 last year, the election results were finally ready. The polls had already told the tale for weeks, but all the politicians knew that everything could happen on Election Day. However, the polls could not have been more correct. The reigning left-wing coalition, led by the country’s biggest party, Labour, had to leave office after eight years in the government building. The two most powerful women in Norwegian politics rose to the top; Erna Solberg - leader of the Conservative Party (Hoyre) and Siv Jensen - leader of the Progress Party (Fremskrittspartiet, often shortened to FRP). The two leaders formed, as expected, a coalition government giving them the majority in the parliament.

To many foreign media outlets this came as a shock, considering their picture painted of right wing, immigration hostile party with close connections to terrorist Anders Behring Breivik. The election took place only two years after the gruesome attacks, which in many people’s mind was a political motivated action after he was declared sane by the courts appointed psychiatrists.

This research project will try to investigate the thesis that the British media has in an unfairly manner reported the Progress Party to their readers/viewers. This essay contains interviews with journalists from Norwegian media, voicing their opinions on the topic.

The Progress Party was founded at Saga Kino, October 18 1973, where Anders Lange voiced his political views in front of an audience of around 3000. His main ideologies were lower taxes and less involvement by the government. The meeting was a protest against the state monopoly and La...

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