Essay on How The Jewish Culture Helps Facilitate A Specific Plan Of Care

Essay on How The Jewish Culture Helps Facilitate A Specific Plan Of Care

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Many communities throughout the United States, contain large populations of religiously observant Jews. The intent of this research is to provide a comprehensive, descriptive guide to specific laws, customs, and practices of traditional, religious observant Jews for the culturally sensitive management of labor, delivery, and postpartum. Discussion includes intimacy issues between husband and wife, modesty issues, labor and birth customs and Sabbath observance, . Doctors and other health care professionals can tailor their practice by integrating their knowledge, and becoming culturally competent in regards to the Jewish culture to help facilitate a specific plan of care. In society today when the word intimacy is interchanged in a sentence, we think closeness, attachment being skin to skin with one. Not the Jews culture, they hold the meaning of love up in the highest of regards. The Jewish culture focuses less of the value of love , but more on the intellect, upbringing and communication of the individual. Jewish people have paid little regard to human touch. The Jewish culture believes that physical touch only causes confusion and limits self-control. True love should be based off of all things spiritual, intellectual, and emotional not physical.( World Press, 2015.) The Jewish beliefs mandate strict laws that are to be abided by in relation to intimacy between a woman and a man. In the Jewish culture young ladies are given the title of nidah, once menstruation begins. This title holds to the meaning that she is off limits to any physical contact until her wedding day. At that point physical contact is permitted between the husband and wife. Married Jewish couples are under strict ordainment to abide by the Purity law while the ...

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...inding between father and son. A circumcision is not mandatory, but if not done as an infant, then when the child grows up it will be up to him to have it performed. In the possibility that the son decides not to have the circumcision preformed he suffers the penalty of kareit, spiritual excision. ( Rich, 2011.); Jewish belief there is no place for an uncircumcised Jew among their law. (Citron, 2014.) Jewish culture follows via way of the Shabbat. The Shabbat represents a day of rest and spiritual enrichment. Circumcisions are performed on the eighth day of the child 's life, during the day. The day the child is born counts as day one, unless the child is born on a Wednesday, then he is circumcised on the following Wednesday. Days for the Jewish begin at sunset, so if the child is born on a Wednesday evening, he is circumcised the following Thursday.

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