How The Internet Has Changed The Way People Communicate With Each Other Essay

How The Internet Has Changed The Way People Communicate With Each Other Essay

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The internet is a network system to join computers worldwide, and was developed for a U.S. government project to improve military preparedness (Smith, 2002). Several inventions have changed the way people communicate with each other. From the old fashioned telegraph to today 's modern communication technology, people tend to create easier ways to correspond. Today’s communication technologies, such as e-mail and other internet chat programs, have created a cheap and incredibly fast communications system which is gaining steady popularity. Technologies, such as computers and the Internet, have become tangled in young people 's lives. “According to the Kaiser report, in 2004, 74% of 8-year olds to 18-year olds in the United States had Internet access in their homes (Foehr, Rideout, 2005)”. “More recently, the 2008 World Internet Project survey of 13 countries revealed that among youth 12-years to 14-years, 88% in the United States used the Internet; the percentage of Internet users in this age group was 100% in the United Kingdom, 98% in Israel, 95% in Canada, and over 70% in Singapore (Reuters, 2008)”. As the Internet has become vital in the lives of young people, their online activities and interactions have become the focus of intense research. For youth, the negative impacts of the Internet include Internet addiction as well as online risks such as cyber bullying. On the other hand, Internet has become a boon for kids. It’s only because of Internet technology that children with disabilities can learn easily unlike the older days. It is becoming evident that the Internet presents risks as well as opportunities to youth, therefore it’s necessary to discuss about both perspectives of internet on youth.

Negative Impacts
The addicti...

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...ide a platform where anybody can speak up and can gather support. It’s extremely useful for people who usually feel shy to speak up or to give support for a cause.

Internet presents a number of risks along with a bundle of opportunities for youth. This research suggests that some of the online risks facing youth are addiction, exposure to inappropriate material, cyber bullying and sexual solicitation. Despite these risks, this research also suggests that the Internet can be beneficial for youth. It provides a vehicle to promote cognitive, social, and physical development. Although there are limits, the Internet can be used to complement more traditional methods of delivering treatment interventions. Overall, while moderate use of the Internet can have positive effects, these beneficial outcomes diminish or disappear with excessive use and even nonuse.

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