How The Internet Has Changed Our Lives Essay

How The Internet Has Changed Our Lives Essay

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The use of the Internet has exploded in the past few decades, and the age of the user is swiftly declining as well (Greenfield, Patricia, and Zheng Yan). “The spread of Internet access has been described as nine times faster than that of radio, four times faster than the personal computer, and three times faster than television” (Shields, Margie, and Behrman 5). The Internet has woven itself into people’s daily lives and has really changed culture in numerous ways. It has helped make education more accessible, especially to those in developing countries. Specifically, it has brought life saving health practices and information to those who otherwise would have gone without it. Also, children who need extra help learning, like kids with special needs, can get the help they need. However, the Internet may not be all that good. For example, it has become a new medium for play and entertainment for children, but is this a healthy alternative to older forms of play? And what about parents who use technology just to keep their kids quite? As with all new technologies, there are pros and cons. Although, it is unfair to blame a technology because of the content people put on it. Greenfield, Patricia, and Zheng Yan put it best when they say, “Just as we cannot ask whether a knife is inherently good or bad, we cannot ask whether the Internet is good or bad; we can simply document how it is used.” So, as much as some may blame the Internet for its problems, the real war is against the substance within the Internet (Greenfield, Patricia, and Zheng Yan 390-93). And thus comes the main argument against the Internet, is the composition of the Internet harmful to children?
Today, kids will spend hours socializing with their friends over the Inter...

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...ome physical side effects of the internet include eye strain, headaches, and tiredness. Alarmingly, in some cases these symptoms would occur after a time no longer than 30 minutes (Smahel, Wright, and Cernikova 133-35). This begs the question, how much Internet usage does it really take to experience negative side effects? As a result, it is clear that an overuse of the Internet can cause physical harm to children.
The Internet has spread like wildfire and left a wake of change in its path. Similarly, the age of Internet usage has continued to drop. However, the negative effects of the Internet on young people outweighs the benefits. Excessive Internet usage has been proven to cause serious social, mental and physical damage to children. For this reason, parents need to monitor the amount of time their children pour into technology in order to protect them from harm.

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