How The Internet Affects The World Essay

How The Internet Affects The World Essay

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How the Internet affect?
For decades, people have lived without a phone, a computer or a tablet in their hands. But, in these days, surviving without any kind of technology connected to the Internet is so difficult to overcome. Moreover, the youngest individuals are learning to live in a world completely dependent on the Internet. If you want to learn about how to use computers and the Internet, just go and ask your grandchildren to teach you. Anyone cannot imagine how to live without the Internet. Of course, this is categorized as the best development of the history. But, how does it affect the cizicents of the world? Some adults and teachers are worried about the loss of social skills, as the ability to communicate up close and personal with friends and family, as a consequence of the Internet.
The Internet is the global system of interconnected computer networks that use the Internet protocol suite to link billions of devices worldwide. It carries an expansive range of information resources and services; for example, mobile apps, the inter-linked hypertext documents, applications of the World Wide Web, etc. It is used to do homework and to search websites needed to do research. Also, it connects children after shcool using social networks shuch as Facebook, WhatApp, GroupMe, etc. They communicate themselves through chat rooms and emails and also posting comments on their friends ' walls. But, some people do not know the hard problems that this improvement is bringing us.
In the current days, teenegars do not know how to hold a conversation. According to a study reliazed by the Pew Research Center, half of American teenagers send 50 or more text messages in one day. Another discovery is that one third of teenegers, betwee...

... middle of paper ...

... also causes eyesight wanes after long hours in front of a computer screen. There are bad postures sitting causing body pain and bad circulation in the legs. Many young people who spen d a great of time in front of computer are beginning to show symptoms of disease and illness not usually seen until someone reaches middle age or senior citizenship.
To sum up, I think that individuals should receive the correct information about how to work with the Internet. Adults should learn the advices of how a child should use it too. The Internet can be so danger for a small kids. Parents must show an interest on what their children arre doing with an electronic devide. Asking your child what he likes to do online or creating rules about sharing his user names and passwords with you could be good tricks. Additionally, adults should have a schedule of hours of computer 's use.

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