How The Holocaust Took away the Rights of Jewish People Essay

How The Holocaust Took away the Rights of Jewish People Essay

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How did The Holocaust take away the rights of Jewish people? Well, Jewish people had to be locked up in concentration camps, work hard labor, be poorly fed, get abused, and a lot more. Right before World War two the great depression had happened, leading into the holocaust. The Holocaust had started in 1933 Adolf Hitler had become chancellor of Germany. The Great Depression hit Germany. The Nazi officials were Adolf Hitler, Adolf Eichmann, August igruber, Joseph Goebbles, Amon Goeth, Herman Goring, Reinhard Heydrich, Heinrich Himmler,Alfred Rosenburg, Dr. Klaus Karl Schilling, Julius Strenicher. During this time he needed to make up an excuse to blame the great depression on the Jews. In 1933 there were over 9 million Jews. There was also a one third job loss. On April 1st 1933 the first action was made by announcing a boycott of all Jewish-run businesses. On September 15, 1935 the Nuremberg Laws were issued to exclude Jews from public life. On November ninth and tenth 1938 Nazis pillaged, burned synagogues, broke Jewish windows owned-businesses, and 30000 Jews were arrested. He targeted Jews, homosexuals, gypsies, Jehovah’s witnesses, the weak and disabled. Hitler described Jews: as tall, blond, and blue-eyed. On November 9, 1938, thirty thousand Jews were sent to concentration camps. Hitler forced the Jews to live in ghettos. Warsaw had the largest ghetto with a population of 445,000 in March 1941. From the big camps, about 1,000 people were sent to concentration camps per day. On April 13, 1943 the remaining Jews at Warsaw ghetto fought for 28 days when Nazis tried to liquidate the ghettos. This was called the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising.
During the beginning of the holocaust the Nazis controlled all of Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania...

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... the eyes of Hitler they symbolized the continuation of the Jewish population. The Red Army was the Nazis. About 1.1 million children were left, so that is about eleven percent of the children. Two-thirds of Europe were Jewish people.
Adolf Hitler used propaganda throughout Germany to brainwash people to believe that the Jews are our “misfortune.” Some of the tools that he used as propaganda against the Hews was the weekly newspaper called the “der sturmer” which meant the attacker. At the front of all the newspapers it said in bold that the Jews are our misfortune. There were also many cartoons that showed Jews as if they were hooked-nosed. The influence of the newspaper was spreading fast and by 1938 almost half a million copies where distributed a week. It is still a mystery whether or not Adolf Hitler committed suicide and killed himself, or if he was murdered.

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