How The Hipaa Privacy Rule Permit Doctors, Nurses, And Other Health Care Providers

How The Hipaa Privacy Rule Permit Doctors, Nurses, And Other Health Care Providers

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Does the HIPAA Privacy Rule permit doctors, nurses, and other health care providers to share patient health information for treatment purposes without the patient’s authorization?


Yes. The Privacy Rule allows those doctors, nurses, hospitals, laboratory technicians, and other health care providers that are covered entities to use or disclose protected health information, such as X-rays, laboratory and pathology reports, diagnoses, and other medical information for treatment purposes without the patient’s authorization. This includes sharing the information to consult with other providers, including providers who are not covered entities, to treat a different patient, or to refer the patient. See 45 CFR 164.506.

I believe that a healthcare professional should know the answer to this question because in this way they are able to consult with others physicians about any examen results. Also, sharing the patient health information with others physicians can maintain a clear understanding about a patient’s health. Furthermore, doctors share the patient 's information with other physicians in order to obtain second opinions, ideas or suggestions.

To illustrate this case lets talk about a primary doctor referring a patient to a specialist.
A patient pays a visit to the primary doctor with pain in its back, in order for the primary doctor to know what is the problem he/she refer the patient to get x-rays. The results of the x-rays are going to be sent to the primary doctor to get a diagnostic or refer the patient to a back specialist.
It is useful for healthcare professional to know this because it allows them to interchange important information at the time of treatment for patients, can avoid delays for procedures and also...

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...tness of a person to act on an individual’s behalf. However, a covered entity does not have to treat a personal representative as the individual when it reasonably believes, in the exercise of professional judgment, the individual is subject to domestic violence, abuse or neglect by the personal representative, or doing so would otherwise endanger the individual.

All healthcare providers need to know the answer of this question because in case if something happen to the patient like as domestic violence or abuse. They can explain to the patient what to do and a circumstance like this. Because today in the society with see a lot of women that are abuse of domestic violence. And the healthcare professional need to know what to do in a cases like this. The healthcare professional need to provide the good answer to those patients that passing through this situation.

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