How The Hell Did I Fail Kindergarten Essay

How The Hell Did I Fail Kindergarten Essay

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How the hell did I fail kindergarten! Well if you must know I struggled with reading, writing and speaking English. No I wasn’t some foreign kid who couldn’t speak English to save his life. I was just terrible at it. Most of the time I find reading boring and unentertaining. My writing has improved and is really good but, my penmanship is completely and utterly trash. I guarantee you if I was handwriting this essay you probably would find yourself saying “What language is this?” As for my speaking I didn’t start off great but as time passed I improved.
The earliest memory that showed I had a problem with language was in kindergarten. I remember that every day in class I was pulled out and went to a different classroom. In this room the class was only composed of four or five kids. We would practice speech and all of its components. We practice pronunciation, how letters sound, how certain letters sound together, and all that other good stuff. Now at the time I didn’t know I had a problem with speaking. I actually thought I was the cool kid and that I was special. I mean who wouldn’t right? In this special group the teacher always brought snacks for us and was extremely nice.
Well that hit me later the next year when I found out I had at to repeat kindergarten. At the time I didn’t really care. I mean hey I get to chill and relax for a whole more year. Well one year later and the school finally let me go to the first grade. Now reading becomes a problem. In first grade we start reading books. This is becomes a big problem for me because I have not the slightest clue how to read. To make matters worse the teachers require us to read 25 books for the whole year and record them in our book logs. Meanwhile I can’t even get past my ...

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...a little sixth grader it was. So after reading all the cards I was the only one not called and she asked me if this was my card. I say, “Yes” and she asked me, “What’s my name.” I said my name and then she asked me how you spell that. Things got more embarrassing because I had to spell my full name in front of the whole class. Maybe if I had a nice normal name it wouldn’t be so embarrassing but, I have a long and weird as hell name.
My reading and speaking were big problems for me in my early stages of my life but I have most past them although, I still hate reading. I do however find interest in manga, sci-fi, and non-fiction science. My penmanship still plagues me. I have improved but, not a great deal. It’s something I think I will always have a problem. As you can see language can comes in many different forms and my struggles with language is still not over.

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