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How the Environment Plays a Role in Learning
How much impact does environment have on learning? This discussion has been an ongoing dilemma for parents all over the world. Parents want the best for their children no matter what it takes. Therefore, the question remains. How does the environment play a role in learning? Public, private, and home schools all have their advantages and disadvantages. No one can dispute that. It is up to the parent to figure this out. These days everyone one has an opinion on the matter.
Public schools are known for their overcrowded classrooms, under paid teachers, and too much emphasis on standardized test. This can certainly be overwhelming, not only for the student but the teacher as well. Both are at risk of losing interest. However, that does not mean students cannot benefit from its learning environment. One advantage of public schools is that they require each teacher to be certified. Also, each school district has to meet state requirements to be accredited. Another advantage of attending public school is that it provides social interaction. With all the advantages come some disadvantages. One disadvantage is that the classrooms tend to be filled to max capacity. Also, public schools are sadly underfunded. As school attendance rises, so does the cost. The majority of public schools need serious upgrading to match the rising population of students that are being enrolled each year. Another disadvantage is too much emphasis on standardized testing. School districts are more focused on test scores than they are with the general education of their students. This results in students only knowing what is on the test (Mountney 2008).
Private schools are stereotyped as upper...

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...s. Another disadvantage is that the parent/teacher of a home school is not certified and has not had the training to know how children learn or how to enhance their abilities. Everyone has their own learning style. This can result in a lot of frustration for the parent and the child when the child does not understand something and the parent does not know how to explain it (Kim 2009).
Learning environments vary greatly between public school, private school, and home school, as one can very well see. All three can be very good learning environments for a child depending on their mentality, learning ability, attitude, and home environment. There are no guarantees that one is good for all and each child learns differently. It is the responsibility of the parent to determine which environment is best for their child. They just offer different avenues of learning.

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