Essay on How the Deaf Communicate in a Hearing World

Essay on How the Deaf Communicate in a Hearing World

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Imagine what life would be like with the inability to hear. Try to envision watching television without sound or watching an inaudible movie. There is a silence that has way of making the busiest scenes seem still. Now try to imagine a lively area filled with lots of laughter, roaring music, and a handful of birds chirping away. That imagery paints a scene of the plain difference between a hearing world and a deaf one. One world is capable of hearing and the other involves no incoming source of sound whatsoever. Understanding how deaf culture and how the hard of hearing work and live is important in order to comprehend the reasons behind why they do the certain things they do such as stare at others for a long period of time or the reason why they perceive situations that they are placed in. In the world of the deaf, one who has been labeled with the term “deaf” has little to no meaning. It is simply interpreted as one who is unable to hear (Jay). Labeling a person as to being deaf contains much more meaning than that alone. Deaf people have lives, just as hearing ones do, and the beauty in it is that the people are able to experience life in a completely different way; they are able to learn how to live it in a unique way that would be considered uncommon compared to that of hearing people, but it does not mean that their lives are any different in terms of capability. The deaf are able to do the same kinds of experiments as the hearing, but the only difference is that the deaf cannot hear. People today argue whether or not being deaf is the equivalent to being handicapped; while some feel this way, people of Deaf culture do not believe that their inability to hear is considered as being that of handicapped. Through hard work and...

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