How The Company Uses Their Revenue For Constructing Roads Essay

How The Company Uses Their Revenue For Constructing Roads Essay

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This table clearly shows how the company uses their revenue for constructing roads, bridges etc. Company mostly uses maximum % of revenue in Bituminous courses followed by Earthwork, Granular Pavement Courses and so on
This table tell about the inward or outward of raw material send from head office to site via vender or through company transport. My work here is to take report from both the site and the vender and check whether same amount of raw material is received by the site, if any shortage found the payment is made accordingly to the vender. This table also tells how much quantity of raw material left in the site. This helps us to make more purchase of raw material required for the site and extra raw material is send to other site wherever required.
This table comes under BULK section in the store department.
There are total four section of store department i.e. BULK, MECHANICAL, GENERAL, MISCELLANEOUS.
This table comes under MECHANICAL section of store department. This also tells about the inward or outward of raw material in the site. The site send the receiving report to th...

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