How The Class Enabled Me Essay

How The Class Enabled Me Essay

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Honestly, I have not changed a whole lot as a person over this semester. A lot of people would look at this prompt as instruction to describe their vast improvement as a human being and how that greatly altered their writing style, but in 3 months, people really don’t change all that much (and they really shouldn’t). What I do believe this paper should focus on is how the class enabled me to hone my abilities as a writer in a way that enhances my style and voice, rather than overriding it. Because stylistically, I don’t believe my writing has changed in any significant way. The primary ways my writing has changed involve to entire process of constructing a paper.
Before this semester, I definitely knew that I had a slight issue with forethought in my writing process, but this semester it has manifested into a full blown problem. I found that my written papers often have little to no direction, and it forces me to take substantially longer writing them than I ever plan for. Really, I found out the hard way that waiting to do something until the last minute has negative repercussions ...

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