How The Civil War Affected The United States Essay

How The Civil War Affected The United States Essay

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There are several ways the Civil War affected the United States. One way is that it created tensions between the North and the South. Next reconstruction began which was a plan to re-build America after the Civil War. Many people would say that Reconstruction was a success because of the ways it gave more rights to blacks. However, events during Reconstruction contradicted what is said in the Declaration of Independence, therefore making the failures outweigh the successes.

There were three plans for Reconstruction, Lincolns plan, Johnsons plan, and the radical Republican plan. Lincolns plan was known as the 10% plan. Lincoln offered pardon to any confederate who swore allegiance to the Union and the Constitution. When the number of people who took an oath of allegiance equaled 10% of the number of voters who participated in the election of 1860, the state would be readmitted to the Union after organizing a new state government which abolished slavery. Lincoln was assassinated before this plan could be put into effect. Johnsons plan was also lenient towards the South. He would grant pardons to anyone taking a loyalty oath to the United States. This excluded high ranking Confederate political and military leaders, as well as people owning property worth more than $20,000. States would be readmitted to the Union once they created a new state government that abolishes slavery, repealed the states ordinance of secession, and repudiated Confederate debts. This was put into effect when Congress was in recess. Johnsons plan did not really address the fortunes of newly freed slaves and southern states began to pass “black codes” or laws which severely limited the civil rights of a freedman. The Radical Republican plan wa...

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...truths to be self-evident, that all men are created EQUAL, that they are endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness.” The Jim Crow laws and black codes both contradicted this by limiting the basic civil rights of blacks, limiting and constricting how they live their lives. Overall, the failures of Reconstruction outweigh the successes. Even though there were some good impacts during reconstruction, many of the successes were immediately contradicted with another act or law. Many of the laws or acts passed attempted to give freed men a better life, however after the compromise of 1877, the South was able to treat blacks poorly and get away with it easier because the troops were withdrawn from the south. Reconstruction may have had some high points but it brought morale to an all-time low.

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