How the Black Plague Effected Society Essay

How the Black Plague Effected Society Essay

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The plague is a dangerous and deadly disease. The plague is one of the oldest diseases known to the human race. Back when Europe was still in the middle ages all the people including serfs, royalty, jews, and church members were devastated by disease that was unknown to them. The disease spread rapidly through Europe through a variety of means. The plague possesses many names like the black death or the black plague. No matter what the people referred to it as it greatly affected the society in Europe including art, the economy, politics, culture, and religion. The plague is also continuously affecting the planet Earth’s population today.
The plague has gotten a very long history as it spread through the world killing millions. The plague is believed to have started in China during the 1300’s. Around this time China experienced a climate change making it more arid and dryer. This allowed the black rat flea which contained the plague bacteria to infect the black rats which were heavy populated in Asian and had a natural immuned to the plague bacteria. This infected and killed the rats on a massive scale. Due to the climate change a lot of rats started searching for new food sources. Many of these rats found the Mongol camps. The Mongols controlled a large amount of territory in the Asian area. The Mongol supply caravans carried the infected rats and fleas to many parts of Asia. With a lot of the rats dying the fleas started to become attracted to the other warm blooded mammals in the area like horse, cows, cats, and people. This is when the plague started infecting humans. Basically when the fleas bite people they throw up the bacteria into the wound. Then the bacteria infects the lymph glands and attack the immune system. All th...

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...her cities in Europe to trade goods. As more and more people started dying people became scared of the plague and with this fear of death many decided to run from the disease but this only helped carry the plague farther and farther. This trade network and lack of knowledge of how the plague transmitted to people, poor sanitation, the great fear people had, and inefficient of knowledge of medicine all helped lead to the massive spread of the plague throughout Europe effectively killing millions of Europeans from all the social classes that existed in Europe at that time.
All these numerous deaths and increasing fear of the black death that was sweeping quickly across Europe causing friends and family to die left and right to die because of this scary unknown deadly disease . All this caused a great amount of change from every point of life for the Europeans.

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