How the Author Feels about The Lottery Essay

How the Author Feels about The Lottery Essay

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Many different forms of writings fall under the term ‘Literature’, and they are categorized in different genres, for instance, epics, novels, short stories, poem and many more. . Among all kinds of literature, short stories are mostly known and around for its limited length, a solid construction, and a less complexity. Many factors exist that influences literatures over different time periods, in different culture and from an author to an author. Among all kinds of literature, short stories are mostly known and around for its limited length, a solid construction, and a less complexity. Unlike long narrative works like epics and novels; short stories have smooth flow of contents, and tend to leave on their readers strong impressions. Furthermore, shorts stories are design to be read in maximum two to three hours; therefore, readers are able to keep the information in minds to relate it later anywhere in the story.
‘The lottery’, a well-known short story, is a full of irony. The author cunningly develops the story that keeps readers away from all possible negative signs. Jackson gives to her readers a shock in the end when her ‘the lottery’ turns out to be the death game. There could be many intentions behind a sad ending, but most of the time shocking ending makes readers to reevaluate the story and to consider little to little details carefully, while readers scrutinize the story. Shirley Jackson most likely intended to use this shocking ending to make the over all story funny in its twisted theme, and to make her readers to understand her purpose of how society is evil, but there is still hope for good in the civilization.
“The eye sees only what the mind is prepared to comprehend” (Henri Bergson). That phrase is perfect, whe...

... middle of paper ...

...shows us the way she expresses her feeling, objecting to the concept of the lottery and pointing to a flaw in our nature.
Shocking ending is a famous tradition to end the story, giving readers an open space to figure out all possible purposes of the story. Some readers might think the lottery is a savage and cruel, on contrary, others might consider the story optimistic, and future generation will relinquish the lottery. The hope for dismissing lottery can be seen in the Mrs. Dunbar’s hesitation, when she said, “ I can't run at all. You'll have to go ahead and I'll catch up with you". Even though, in the end, people are anxious to finish lottery quickly, some characters are unhappy with this vicious ritual. Jackson’s intention behind showing unhappy characters shows us what Jackson feels about “the lottery” her self and also want her readers to feel the same way.

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