How the Apache Foundation is Setting the Stage for Open Source Modernization

How the Apache Foundation is Setting the Stage for Open Source Modernization

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An Introduction to Modernization Efforts in Economic America
In business today, often a common concern is how to stay technologically relevant without enduring a crippling price tag every time a technology needs to be updated. With how fast technology can change, even in notoriously “behind the times” business spaces (i.e. the US Government), it is nearly impossible to keep up with changing tides of cutting edge technology without the pricey assistance from subject matter expert companies to take the business there.

Mayhew (2013)“As companies demand more sophisticated technology to help manage their businesses, the cost to develop and produce applications will likely increase. Customized programs that meet the specific needs of a business are becoming more popular as companies engage the services of functional and technology consultants. These experts can determine the type of solutions necessary to help the business run smoothly and efficiently. Companies such as SAP produce technology solutions for virtually every part of industry. SAP and similar firms routinely send to their clients functional consultants familiar with the type of business and technology consultants who know how to engineer the solutions.”

These “technology consultants” provide guidance during a modernization project that enables the customer to leverage subject matter expertise without the nearly insurmountable task of training current information technology staff in the latest and greatest IT developments. For example, a football team requires many players to accomplish its goal but it must have a leader that pushes that goal ...

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