Essay on How The And How We Can Work On Controlling Our Stats

Essay on How The And How We Can Work On Controlling Our Stats

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I would make this a exceptions meeting, ensuring that all of my reps know what impacts each of the metric and how we can work on controlling our stats. I would also use this time to give recognition to the top performers of the team and ask each of them to give a word of advise how they control their stats. Then work with the team to set goals for the team that we would want to see our selves at by the end of the month and ask what key things are we going to change to achieve these goals.

I would monitor calls and and listen to live calls to make sure they are following their personal action plans, providing feed back either in a coaching if need be of via email and ask them for what do they see as the biggest obstetrical and how they plan to over come it. If the following week they are still having issue with that area, ask them what they would plan to do different and provide a alternative to what they have been doing if it is still not working for them.

What I have noticed with rep #4 is that they are relaying on acw too much, which in turn has been effecting their occupancy and...

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