How The Adolescent Brain Changes During Puberty Over The Years Essay

How The Adolescent Brain Changes During Puberty Over The Years Essay

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In this article the main focus was on how there haven’t been many studies done on how the adolescent brain changes during puberty over the years, but that is slowly starting to change. The authors also talked about some of the experiments and studies that have been done already dealing with the adolescent brain. The focus of some of these studies ranged from White Matter (WM) and Grey Matter (GM) to the Prefrontal Cortex (PFC). When the authors were talking about WM and GM it was stated that throughout adolescence that in the temporal and parietal cortexes that WM increases and GM decreases (Choudhury 143). Then they went into how from what researchers have noticed that the adolescent brain matures from back to front, having the sensory and motor maturing first and ending with the PFC being the last to mature (Choudhury 144). After WM and GM was talked about for a little while then the topic changed over to the social cognitive aspects of the brain. During this section there was a lot of talk about how there have been studies done where adolescents brain development in face processing and mentalizing. In the studies of both of these things adolescents were compared to children and adults. When it came to the face processing, the study was done using girls that have not hit puberty yet, were in the middle of puberty, and have already been through puberty. In this study it turned out that the girls who were in the middle of puberty did worse on the test than the other two set of girls (Choudhury 144). Then when the studies of mentalizing were done with fMRI and it turned out that adolescents were reacting very similarly to adults but there was still a difference that indicated that there was still some development and growth that th...

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...eacher could create a lesson plan that allows time for the ones who don’t understand to get more one on one time while in the classroom, so if they can’t come before or after school they can still get the same help as everyone else. It would also be important for a teacher to know that they are becoming an adult and that they are not to this point yet. In the face processing section of the article it was mentioned that adolescents didn’t pair up an emotion with the correct facial expression, so when talking to a student or a class as a whole, a teacher should make sure that the emotion they are trying to expressed is also expressed in the tone of their voice and not just in their face, so that it could help increase the amount of students who think a teacher is mean or disappointed in them, because when they think that they are less likely to keep trying in the class.

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