How Technology Is Taking Control Of The Lives Of Teenagers Today Essay

How Technology Is Taking Control Of The Lives Of Teenagers Today Essay

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The dictionary definition of technology is, “ an application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes, especially in industry.” In my opinion, this broad and “undefined” definition does not clearly describe what technology truly is to us today. For some, it is their lifeline, their job, and their passion. For others? Well, as Bobby Boucher’s mother in the movie, Waterboy, would say it, “is the Devil.” Whether you’re a fan or not, computers, cell phones, and soon to be driverless cars, are engulfing and controlling the world around us.
Sherry Turkle, author of “Growing Up Tethered,” goes in depth with how technology is taking control of the lives of teenagers today. She claims that teens are becoming more and more self-centered and less social than they have ever been, especially with the evolving technology and new gadgets that are being put on the shelves. I have experienced this first hand, witnessing my friends, family, peers, and crazy enough, even myself, use technology to part from a conversation or social event. It is so much easier to get “lost” in Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat, than to talk to or meet new people, or even family members. When it comes to Sherry Turkle’s article, describing technology as a hinderance to socialization, communication and an active lifestyle, one should be able to see both sides of the argument.
There are pros and cons to technology in today’s society. It is so ingrained in our everyday lives that it would be hard to go without, and Turkle explained it perfectly, “These young people live in a state of waiting for connection. And they are willing to take risks, to put themselves on the line. Several admit that tethered to their phones, they get into accidents when walking. One ch...

... middle of paper ... may be an emergency call, business email, or whatever, technology, again, makes our lives that much more bearable and stress free, in some cases.
Technology may be viewed as good, bad, or ugly to some individuals, groups, or even entire populations, but it has truly shaped our world into what it is today. Sherry Turkle, in her essay “Growing Up Tethered”, really shows how un self reliant, unsocial, and tethered our, or the generations now and to come, truly are and will be due to technology. Turkle really doesn’t view or tell about the positive aspects of technology though, and that is somewhat of a disappointment because they are incredible. The things we are now allowed to do, see and learn about are crazy. Technology is truly magnificent, but as always, there is a catch. Technology is a highly used drug, and if not used right, it can be as wicked as they come.

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