How Technology Is Hurt By Technology Essay

How Technology Is Hurt By Technology Essay

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The manifest outcome of technology in the current day society has changed the way technology users live their everyday lives. As technology continues to progress, it is degrading the quality of human life as it restricts users from engaging in social interactions which undermines their ability in promoting social change and personal growth. Malcolm Gladwell analyzes the role of technology in advocating for change in his essay, “Small Change: Why the Revolution Will Not Be Tweeted”. Similarly, Sherry Turkle studies the role technology plays in people’s lives in her essay, “Alone Together.” Both authors believe that society is hurt by technology because it does not meet the “authentic” standard. The authentic standard can be described as a real and physical experience in life. Turkle and Gladwell define authenticity as a physical existence, something with meaning and an emotional connection. The authors believe that face-to-face communication is the authentic norm as it allows people to connect on a deeper level by physically sharing emotions and experiences with one another. Authenticity has been negatively influenced, there is a loss of intimacy caused by technology, because it isolates humans and allows users to engage in social interactions at will.
Technology has given us the ability to choose the interactions we partake in which results in minimal contact with the outside world. Instead of communicating with those around us, we keep our eyes focused on our phones. Turkle states, “Our network life allows us to hide from each other, even as we are tethered to each other” (263). Even though we might be in contact with people through social networks, tools such as our cell phones and laptops prevent us from interacting with and ...

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...nology in people’s lives as it offers us substitutes for interacting with others face to face. As a society that interacts mostly through social media, we may be losing the benefits the physical life provides us. An example of this is Snapchat, a mobile application that is used to share photos and videos with others. It is a very convenient application because it allows users to share moments with others in any part of the world, however, people are misusing its purpose. Teenagers are quick to pull out their phones and snapchat a moment rather than enjoy the authenticity of the moment. This factor demeans the authenticity of social interactions. Of course, there is no ignoring the benefits of the advancements of technology; however there must be a boundary between social life and online life. Drawing a line between the two can definitely enhance the quality of life.

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