How Technology Helps Save The Wilderness Still Be Wild? Essay

How Technology Helps Save The Wilderness Still Be Wild? Essay

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Daniel Duane addresses a pressing modern anxiety surrounding technology’s destruction of the natural world. Duane is an author of seven books and many articles featured in The New York Times and Food & Wine. Also an editor for Men’s Journal, Duane’s experiences in rock climbing, science, and the beauty of the outdoors make his writings seem more passionate and credible. He recently wrote the article “The Unnatural Kingdom” in The New York Times explaining his ideas towards technological advancements and their effects on wildlife. In his article, Duane offers insights to the question, “If technology helps save the wilderness, will the wilderness still be wild?” (Duane 1). He utilizes kairos, pathos, ethos, logos, and other rhetorical devices, such as analogies, to support his argument. He claims that since humans have ruined many aspects of wildlife to the point where uninvolvement could potentially result in various species becoming extinct, humans should protect wildlife no matter how unnatural the procedures may be.
Many of Duane’s works involve adventures in the outdoors. He frequently writes about his home city, San Francisco, and the parks and wilderness around him, such as the Yosemite National Park. From his works, the reader can see that Duane is well educated on his topics of interest and is a credible source for the outdoor experience, thus establishing his ethos. Published on March 11, 2016, this article is very recent and is a concern for many. Because technology is rapidly increasing and wildlife has continued to be threatened, this article appeals to kairos as it is relevant right now.
When writing this article, Duane’s writings can attract anyone in the general public, specifically those who have an interest in nat...

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...and context, Duane enhances his logos.
Although Duane’s article contains many strengths in its appeal to pathos, logos ethos, kairos, and use of rhetorical devices, the article also possesses weaknesses in its appeal to those who do not base their ideas mainly off emotional responses. Also, instead of negatively stating, “[As] lovely as it might be . . . [the view] will always be a deeply human cultural project. People have always manipulated the natural world” (Duane 3), Duane could have written something to create not just an emotional response, but also an active response. He could convince his readers that changes need to be made quickly. If he is arguing that humans must take part in the restoration of the wildlife as a result of their own faults, a better way to influence readers would be to offer what life could be like if restoration was majorly successful.

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