How Technology Has Taken Over All Around The Globe Essay

How Technology Has Taken Over All Around The Globe Essay

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The world is buzzing with the term – Internet of Things. The boom of IoT is not just limited to commercial or industrial sectors but it’s there in almost every household, schools, universities, malls and where not. Internet of Things represents how digital technology has taken over all around the globe.
According to Gartner Inc. forecast around 6.4 billion connected things will be in use in 2016 which is 30% more from the year 2015.

Internet of Things can be defined as communication of physical objects with sensors which are linked through wired or wireless network. There are a lot of such IoT devices – Wearable devices like FitBit, Household devices like Amazon Echo Dot, Nest Cam, Industrial devices in energy sector, healthcare sector, Aerospace and defense sector.

In just few years, IoT has taken over all the sectors and continues to do so. As per Gartner Inc. there will be around 20.8 billion connected things in use by the year 2020. With advances in IoT technology, the day is not far when IoT devices will have better visualizations, smarter sensors and increased reliability. The key challenges at present for IoT are precision, connectivity, scalability and the most important one – Security.

Cybersecurity is the most challenged sector at all times. Any domain, any industry, any digital technology – all are struck with cyber-attacks. With IoT, the challenge is even more since the technology has opportunity for various vulnerabilities. According to a report in The Wall Street Journal, hackers infected a huge number of cameras pointing to the easy crackdown and depicting the vulnerability of connected devices.


Internet of Things is one of the most trending technology of the rec...

... middle of paper ... the customer. Its providing better user experience to the customers since at every point there is competition amongst industries to provide users with better product leading to innovative advances in technology. Summarizing some of the opportunities created by IoT below:
• New Business opportunities
• Better understanding about customers
• Improved user experience
• Better decision making
• Advances in technology and innovations
• Improved infrastructure
• Cost reductions
• Smarter industrial evolutions and devices

IoT is thus affecting each and every industry in its full capacity for good. With competition and advances, its providing an area of evolution.

Though, there are a lot of benefits of Internet of Things, the real-time devices are after all connected and are sending data. The biggest concern of connected data at given point of time is its security.

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