Essay about How Technology Has Influenced Digital Genre

Essay about How Technology Has Influenced Digital Genre

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The screen of an apple laptop has been transformed into the screen of a television show episode. How could a producer ever think this idea would work to hold viewers for the entire 30 minute show? Yet strangely, I found myself captivated by how lifelike and entertaining this episode really was. Modern Family’s “Connection Lost” episode is hilariously funny and original. This episode creates one of the most realistic shows to be produced in our postmodern society. The episode was created to relate to the hectic daily lives of people living in the digital era. Modern Family is known for its comedic family genre but the “Connection Lost” episode, shows how the use of technology has influenced digital genre.
The entire episode takes place on Claire’s Apple lap top. Claire is in Chicago’s O’hare Airport waiting for her flight to take off. While she waits for her flight, the story unravels as she tries to locate her daughter Haley. Since Haley is unreachable, Claire goes through a frantic search on her laptop trying to find her by speaking with multiple family members using different mediums such as; iMessages, FaceTime and Find my iPhone. Throughout this whole process, Claire thinks her daughter has become pregnant, ran off and got married to her “friend” in Las Vegas. She believes Haley is pregnant and married because she went on Facebook, looked at Haley’s profile page, and it said that she was married on Facebook. After she finds this information out, she becomes outraged and makes conjoined phone calls on the computer so that all the family can talk together and discuss what is happening. At the end of the episode, she comes to find out that while all of this was going on, Haley was just sleeping upstairs sat home. Haley appears...

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... Modern Family does a tremendous job by capturing how society has created daily interactivity with “new” media. In our post modern society, most people cannot disconnect from the use of technology. I think we can generalize and say that people multitask just like Claire and the audience can relate to the way she is communicating and browsing the web at the same time.
Modern Family “Connection Lost” shows the way genre has evolved over time. As our culture has become more dependent on digital media, the audience finds itself more interactive with technology. Throughout the episode, we see how our culture has evolved by the Modern Family cast and story line. Technology is an important factor in our lives in order to stay in touch with family and keep up with daily life. The “Connection Lost” episode, emulates the postmodern chaotic multi-tasking lives of family life.

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