Essay on How Technology Has Changed Today 's Society

Essay on How Technology Has Changed Today 's Society

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There are many ways that technology can be used in today’s society. It is important that every business knows how to use technology effectively. With the use of technology businesses can run more smoothly and efficiently. But technology can also create a problem within a business if it is not utilized correctly. This summer my family traveled to St. Thomas for a family vacation. Getting to St. Thomas was not a problem, but leaving the island there were a lot of difficulties with the use of technology that made it almost impossible to leave. St. Thomas is a part of the U.S. Virgin Islands. The population is around 51,000 people. The level of technology on the islands is pretty basic, especially within the airport. The airport in St. Thomas will be the main focus of this paper. There are several reasons how the service technology in the St. Thomas airport was not employed effectively and how important technology is to an airport. There are also recommendations on how this organization could use existing technology to improve your service experience.
Service Technology Definitions
Next are some service technology definitions. The book Services Marketing states that “because reliability is one cornerstone of service quality, technology can be a formidable tool for increasing service quality” (pg. 36). Another definition is the technology lock, which is “one of the biggest problems in customer interface design occurs because technological designs persist long after their functional value is gone” (pg. 43)
Service Encounter
During our trip to St. Thomas the flights getting there went smoothly. It was the same experience getting there as the hundred other flights my family has taken all throughout the United States. W...

... middle of paper ...

...e employees used to the technology that is available to them.
These are some of the recommendations that are available for the St. Thomas Airport. It is important for every employee to feel comfortable working at the airport and for the travelers to feel as if they are being looked after in this new technological age. Technology definitely plays an important role in today’s economy and it is important that the St. Thomas airport keep up with the advances.
Overall the technology at the St. Thomas Airport was lacking. There was a lot of different things that they could improve to increase the technology level. This paper discussed:
• service technology definitions
• the service encounter
• the role of technology in airports
• some recommendations for the St. Thomas Airport
o Update technology
o Use mobile websites
o Teach employees to utilize technology

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