How Technology Has Changed Today 's Life Essay

How Technology Has Changed Today 's Life Essay

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Life has changed tremendously in the past till date. Many changes have occurred both in the social, economic, and political facets of life. There are many changes still occurring with the evidence of shifting from old ways to new lifestyles in evident across the board. Lifestyles have also taken a different turn in the event that most people do not live in the old patterns and beliefs of life. Many people have thus not only forsaken the old ways and lifestyles but it is also important to embrace the idea and truth that the world has taken a different angle in every aspect. Technology has introduced various notes that have influenced the turn of events. Today, every feature of society is manipulated through the eye of technology, knowledge, and the internet. While in the past, ignorance was the leading factor that contributed to the lifestyles. Today, many people are under the influence of internet and influx of knowledge. Consequently, in his article Jared (1987) makes it clear that better were the times of the past that life was simple and easy. He highlights it as the worst mistake in history that lifestyles change.
Jared introduced a remarkable argument that utterly diverts attention from the current view of events. People seem to be enjoying the current events and influx of knowledge in decision-making and the rise of the modern society that forfeits traditions and culture of the old. He denotes that the nutritional world has been impact negatively. In his article “The Worst Mistake in History of the Human Race” he strongly points that the old ways of practicing nutrition were much between as compared to the current world. The article begins by highlighting the various beliefs which people have long been exposed to since tende...

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...r rather than await execution. It is then clear that thus was around the same time that life was only by the word. However, another similarly comes clear that as technology arises, freedom also comes and the religious faithful being to get confidence of going back the places of worship.
In conclusion, history does not only show the difference between the past and the current state but also explain the gradual transformation of man and the society he lives in a clear manner. It is not only about the stories but gives people a reason to look back and reflect the journey of life. In this case, both Jared and Whiston have engaged in this journey and noted the differences that have resulted with complexities of the modern society. While in some cases it may seem to be a relief of the hardships of the past, it is notable that life is much better despite its complexities.

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