How Technology Has Changed Our Way Of Life Essay

How Technology Has Changed Our Way Of Life Essay

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Throughout human history we have developed tools and technologies to improve our way of life. Whether it be irrigation canals or satellites, human beings have strived to make societal functions efficient and precise. But how did modern technology come about? I believe that modern technology improved on some of the basic technological elements that the ancients have left us. I will be concentrating on recordkeeping and long distance communication, and with this I will be talking about the development of the alphabet, cuneiform clay tablets and the domestication of horses/camels as examples of ancient technologies. Two modern technologies I will be going over is cellphones and laptops.
The alphabet would fall under recordkeeping technology. It was primarily used to establish direct communication amongst clans and other peoples. Since communication has been established it made recording historical events possible. Recordkeeping solves the issue of enforcing laws, customs, educate the next generation how to perform certain tasks and how to build and use certain technologies. With recordkeeping one can also record historical events that society has experienced. It also provides future generations with a snapshot of how life may look like at the time it was recorded. Three consequences that my categories in general have is that it creates separation of social class. Only the affluent upper class had the opportunities to receive a proper education and because of this were the only class to learn how to read and write. The alphabet also improved commerce and business relations since financial statements can be written and a tally of products can be formed. The alphabet also provided means of entertainment since storytelling and o...

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... seen as necessary. Nowadays they do not weigh much meaning that one can go to work and school with them, so they outperform regular PCs because you are no longer to stay at home or in an office to have access to them.
The major differences between the modern and ancient technologies discussed above is that nowadays modern technologies are considered to be luxuries, while the ancient technologies were more as a necessity as means for survival. The major similarity between the ancient and modern technologies is that they each in their own individual way served as a way to technological progress in society and as a way to improve our quality of living. The inventions gave motivation to others to make further improvements and to perfect it. For example, the progression throughout the years of laptops and cell phones, have undergone a tremendous transformation.

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