How Technology Has Blended Into Students Essay

How Technology Has Blended Into Students Essay

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Think about it: when you were a high school or college student, have you ever used tablets in classes? Have you ever been attracted professors’ lectures by using PPT or other technological tricks? Have you ever considered about the effective way of learning? The answer might be NO. Things have been changed. In present-day society, the technology without disciplines has blended into students’ daily lives as well as the learning process. The innovation of the teaching method emerges as professors and students both needed. From where the most scholars stand, who have experienced both learning and teaching processes, the transformation of teaching method based on technology will effectively help students concrete the knowledge in lecture and in homework.
On the top of that, the lectures with technology will not only interact with students, but also lead them into details of knowledge. Based on my observation, the professor of ECS 30 and the professor of MAT 21A have significant differences of teaching method corresponding to their ages. For ECS 30, the younger professor usually uses projector connecting to computer in order to write the exact programming codes and present how the codes work. And also the most students take notes by computer or other tablets. Most of the students favor the way of teaching, because they can learn the details when the professor changes a few lines of code which makes a huge difference in the whole program. For MAT 21A, on the contrary, the older professor uses pure hand writing. He teaches one section by one section, makes examples after each point and may bring a few jokes to release the pressure of the class. Most students like the professor, because he is hilarious and own the plenty of teaching e...

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...hey make mistakes in order to promote students’ individual programing skills step by step. Therefore, students who have experienced this learning process will review these concepts taught in class and get deeper understanding as well.
Admittedly, the old way of teaching method is still very effective in nowadays, such as pure hand writing on the blackboard and oral teaching; however, the overwhelming technology will eventually merge with the education, and gradually become a significant education tool in students’ study field, especially in lecture and homework, which attracts the attention of the students, improve the interaction, and deepen the understanding of the class. Surely, our school should encourage faculties to use the electronic devices in order to meet the demand of current students who were born in the age of technology. It will definitely help them.

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