How Technology Has Become A Commodity Essay

How Technology Has Become A Commodity Essay

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Over the year’s computerized devices have become a commodity that is in high demand. All around America, there are countless number of people with internet excess. Devices that allow internet excess ranges from desktop computers, laptops, hand held tablets, smartphones, and the latest item introduced to market, smart-wrist watches. These trends, which we expect to accelerate in the coming years, create emergent threats to the people’s possessions, well-being, and privacy. (Denning, kohno, & Levy, 2013 para.1). Most computerize devices require some level of security to protect sensitive information that can lead to identity thief. Users of these devices should remind themselves when on an electronic interconnected device; “It’s so easy to reveal all because it’s so easy to self-publish these days,” says Denise Terry, marketing director of Safety-Web and for Safety-Web, Inc., which is now part of Experian Information Solutions, Inc. “Now it has become very difficult to keep facets of your life private that were otherwise very easy to keep private before Facebook and Twitter.” Sharing sites invited users to open their lives to others, but ultimately, their intent is to share that information with specific people, not everyone at large. (Brynko, 2011 para. 2).
While computerize devices increases, each device requires different levels of security: Security cannot be thought of as an add-on to a device, but rather as integral to the device’s reliable functioning. (Wind River Systems, Inc., 2015 para. It starts in the OS). Computers can be generally classified by size and capabilities as follows, Personal computer; small, singer-user computer. Desktop model: computer designed to fit comfortably on top of a desk. Notebook compu...

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...interface that allows you to control internet use in your home. (PJ, 2009, Blue Coat K9 Web Protection, para. 1). Users rarely talks about free software given all users hear news about network breaches; downloading free software has people disbelieving that the free software want leave devices vulnerable to attacks.
We need a strategy for how to secure devices in the home. We need to understand the potential risks: risks that are a function of a device’s potential exposure to attack, its attractiveness as an attack target, and potential impacts on human assets if the device is compromised. (Denning, Kohno, & Levy, 2013 Conclusion, para. 2). After users have secure electronic devices from cyberspace-attacks; personal computers, laptops, hand held tablets, and smartphones usage can ease apprehensions of sensitive and personal information floating out in cyber-space.

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