How Technology Does Not Produce Efficiency Essay

How Technology Does Not Produce Efficiency Essay

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In my personal opinion about this very datable topic, “Does Increased Dependence on Laptops, Cell Phones, and PDAs Hurt Employee Productivity?” is that I believe it does hurt the employee productivity. I feel that if the usage of our cell phones, laptops, and other PDAs at work are to be reduced, it will make the employees focus more on their work. Most employees argue that they are taking notes during meetings and are recording the conversations; however, I question if that is what they are really doing. In the last few years, many of us have witnessed the rise in technologies. From cell phones being big, bulky blocks to cell phones being touch screen, and fit nicely in our pockets. I am no one to say that technology does not produce efficiency. I am a person that will check my phone all the time, and somehow feel lost without it. It is simply because I have all my calendars, contacts, and e-mail saved on my mobile device. The strength of this argument is the convenience of our cell phones and laptops has made an easy access for all of us. From checking our e-mails, to paying our mo...

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