How Technology Can Improve Students Learning Skills And Capabilities Essay

How Technology Can Improve Students Learning Skills And Capabilities Essay

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Technology in classrooms has become a topic that the school boards have been battling with for some time now. The main purpose for bringing technology into classrooms is to improve students learning skills and capabilities. The article, “Exploring the use of Educational Technology in Primary Education: Teacher’s Precipitation of Mobile Technology Learning Impacts and Applications’ use in the classroom” presents more statistics on applications that are useful for students learning. However the article, “Teachers’ Perspective and Practices in Applying Technology to Enhance Learning in the classroom” is similar but also portrays the disadvantages technology and its applications have because the little knowledge teachers have using them. More positively, the article, “Closer to the Truth: Electronic Records of Academic Dishonesty in an Actual Classroom Setting” and the article “Academic Honesty Through Technology” conduct a study on students to find how much cheating actually occurs while test taking and seek to inform readers that cheating and plagiarism occur more often in college, but with advanced applications it can be brought to professors attention. Although all of the articles are credible sources, the article “Academic Honesty Through Technology” is the least trustworthy of the four because of its lack of statistics and evidence.
Marta Gomez and Antonia Badia Garante 's peer reviewed case study, “Exploring the use of educational technology in primary education: Teacher’s precipitation of mobile technology learning impacts and applications’ use in the classroom" is a credible source because of the authors research and extensive knowledge in the psychology and educational science department. The article explores the impact ap...

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...hat has many statistics and facts to prove their argument.
Overall the articles display a good source of information on technology in schools. Gomez article does a good job of picking out specific applications whereas Safitry proves that not all teachers are capable of using these high tech applications schools are forcing on them, they are both reliable sources because their research presented a large amount of facts and statistics proving their argument. Lecher and Simpson’s articles show how cheating is a problem with technology but Simpson’s had a large amount of statistics and background information to back up their argument whereas Lechers article had less. Due to the lack of statistics and research presented in Lecher’s article I will conduct more research on the subject and will further my knowledge on the topic of how technology is better in the classroom.

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