How Technology Can Improve Student Memory Essay example

How Technology Can Improve Student Memory Essay example

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Memory is one of the most important aspects of any child 's education, without them being able to recall what they have been taught; there is no teaching or learning occurring. Fortunately, there are some key ideas and activities for teachers to implicate in the classroom to improve student memory. COMPOSE standing for Connection, Odds of success, Meaningfulness of the materials, Practice, Organizational clarity, Strategies, Emotion, is a teaching skill which when used effectively in the classroom can enhance student memory with easy and fun activities.
As a teacher if your students can make a connection to prior knowledge they will have a better chance at remembering the information you are trying to teach. This can be achieved through teaching strategies that will activate student 's prior knowledge; some examples are brainstorming in which the children are encouraged to share personal ideas and concepts, relating to the new material covered. Graphic organizers are good visual aids for students to recall information; these can be created by the students themselves. Visualization is just another strategy teachers can use; in which students envision the new topic and describe what they saw, through this strategy the teacher is able to listen to what the students are associating the new topic with. Making connections to prior knowledge is important for student recall as is the student 's ability to succeed in their work.
Every student in every classroom will at some point in time calculate their chance of success. What this means for teachers is that we have to make realistic goals for students to achieve in regards to what and how much they learn. Giving encouragement and assurance to children when completing tasks not only inc...

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...ntations or asking the students to demonstrate what strategies they find useful, are all good ideas for teachers to take into consideration when trying to improve student memory. Strategies help students when it comes to studying what they have learned in the easiest most effective way possible; however theses strategies may become unhelpful at one point in time if a child is emotionally unattached.
Emotions have an impact on everything we do, whether they are positive or negative emotions play an active role in our memory. And through this teachers can influence what students remember by making positive emotional links to the information learned. Using novelty and humour, play-based activities and focusing on effort rather than failure are all strategies teachers can implicate into the classroom to create positive connections with the information being learned.

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