How Technology Can Help Children Develop Their Reading Literacy Essay

How Technology Can Help Children Develop Their Reading Literacy Essay

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In this technological era we live in, applications used on Ipads or iPhones are no longer limited to games; applications are now expanding to help children develops skills for their education, ranging from reading to mathematics. These applications are not only be used at home, but also in the classroom. According to Apple, there are over 80,000 educational applications in use (“iPad in Education”). The developer, Originator Inc., has designed about twenty different applications that help children to learn and practice reading, math, and Spanish. Within these twenty applications, I chose to evaluate Endless Reader. Endless Reader focuses on the use of phonics and sight words to help children increase their reading literacy. Endless Reader was awarded Apple’s Store best of 2013 award, due to its success in setting the stage for early reading (“Originator”). While there are many educational programs that claim to help increase a child’s reading literacy, many are not looking at how children develop their reading literacy. Thus, their programs are not as effective. I will be looking at how effective the use of phonics and sights words are in helping to increase a child’s reading literacy. If this application is effective, it could be used by teachers, tutors, and parents to help children who are struggling or want to further develop their reading literacy. A benefit to this application is that it is free, thus it is a low cost way to help children.
First, I will provide an overview of Endless Reader and the strategies that are used to improve children’s reading literacy. Next, I will use research to discuss reading literacy and the different ways in which researchers are helping children’s reading literacy. This will lead into...

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...means that there is a higher comprehension and success rate. This is due how inconsistent and complicated the English language is, one single phoneme can have multiple spellings. Whereas in countries, like Scotland, when using synthetic phonics children had a higher reading acquisition. (Wyse & Goswami, 2008). This is an important concept to understand in regards to Endless Reader. Endless reader uses combined phonics. They are incorporating both the sound of each individual letter, as well as the whole word. When they child is dragging each letter to spell the work they are sounding it out, using synthetic phonics. When the child finishes dragging each letter, they have to drag three words to make up a sentence, using systematic phonics. This combination can be very effective in helping the child retain the information and develop their reading literacy competence.

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