How Technology Affects The Parent Families Have More Time At Home And With Their Children

How Technology Affects The Parent Families Have More Time At Home And With Their Children

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When discussing technology in the family, it is important to find policies that associate with different types of individuals and families. Certain policies are set in place in order to protect genders, family types, and the companies as well. Most companies have now become so advanced that many employees are able to interact in a “virtual office”, which allows the employee to be able to work from home. This is convenient for both the employee and the employer because the single parent families have more time at home and with their children. Which is very beneficial for the company financially, which is why most businesses rely on technology so heavily. Some employees show more misuse of their organizations’ technological resources (D’Arcy 2012). This poses a problem for the company who is unable to ensure that the business’s data is not misused. This leads to the tarnishing of public image which can lead to stock loss, legal costs, and updating internet security. When companies choose to use technology as their sole form of work then policies have to be set in order to ensure the company and the employees’ safety.
Some policies are focused on protecting genders when using technology. Most work places have decided to check peoples’ Facebook pages to see the persona they have given themselves. This has caused some trouble with women in particular because women have been targeted for using more conflicting language on social media (Chadwick 2009). This is unfair for all women to have to go through the Facebook page check with their companies because of other women saying offensive things. It makes it look as though it would be harder to be hired from a company if your Facebook page is not up to par. This has caused b...

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...veryone they know in order to teach people from another country the word of God. With technology now, they have complete access to online Bibles, daily verses, and available chat with people from the church (Wyche 2007). Technology has made it to where churches are able to teach a mass amount of individuals using the internet and able to research more information. They can utilize the internet to see the new ways churches are incorporating new culture into their teachings. Which they will be able to show the ceremonies and testimonies of each other utilizing the internet and technology. Although the internet has helped reach out to people, some religions may not agree because of the explicit content online that other people put up. This can be troublesome for religions because it strays away from what they are trying to accomplish and strays away from purity.

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