How Technology Affects The Grammar Of Young Minds Essay

How Technology Affects The Grammar Of Young Minds Essay

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Human kind, throughout history, always accepts the next big thing, or technology, that helps them get through the day easier. In 1440, Johannes Gutenberg invented the first printing press. History Scholars would tell you that this new type of technology majorly helped information become more accessible and affordable. So books became more available and affordable. The printing press also helped boost education and literacy rates. What you see here is a good example of how technology isn’t harmful, but helpful.
Today technology has helped further our knowledge and potential. Yet some people, like Naomi Baron, graduated from Stanford University with a PhD in Linguistics, claims, “so much of American society has become sloppy or laissez faire about the mechanics of writing” (FOCROFLOL 7). Baron in this situation is making the impression that texting is hurting the grammar of young minds. It is a fact that texting is a new technology that is rapidly making its way into new generations. It is not the lack of knowledge about grammar, but it’s the decision between when and where you should abbreviate text and when you shouldn’t. Teens of today have the knowledge of grammar. Otherwise, why would teens parent’s put them through years of school to learn how not to write correctly. Teens just need to make the decision of when they should use correct grammar, like when writing a formal essay, and when they can use abbreviations of words, through texting.
Another instance where critics complain that technology is hurting communication, is when they say, “…the very volume of new information that the web makes so easily available overwhelms us and prevents us from thinking clearly”(Birkenstein 168). This seems more of an over exaggeration then...

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... even a written final paper is going to have more professional grade style to it.
So in the end what does it all come to? Some would say that Technology is the invention of the devil and scares them. Critics just feel the need to express their view, which is okay. It’s in part of the amendments created by our founding fathers. I would like to say that the English language has never changed in the past 1,542 years it has been around. English and literary professors through the English language history have added new words to it, but never changed it. Now technology has been ever changing and how we are looking at it; technology is changing how we communicate with each other. We the people are learning to moderate between online conversation and real life speech. So as technology continues to enhance our intelligence, society will learn to adapt to new forms of speech.

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