How Teachers Use Content Literacy Essay

How Teachers Use Content Literacy Essay

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Teacher Interview
“Literacy is one of the greatest gifts a person could receive.” –Jen Selinsky. There are different ways teachers use content literacy in their classroom. Educators who teach gym will have different content to cover than educators who teach math. Elementary teachers have to prepare for different types of literacies from math to reading to science and even social studies. I had the opportunity to talk to April Arnold, a first grade teacher, about content literacy in her classroom.
Content literacy looks different in every classroom. Mrs. Arnold uses literacy in her class with her students. Mrs. Arnold typically starts off part of the lesson that is whole group that is taught to everybody. During this time the students learn the basic skill that they are learning about. Next they move into small group instruction, where they tear apart the skill. This is where you see students working with texts at their ability and grade levels to work with fluency and comprehension. Mrs. Arnold also said “Vocabulary that is important to the standard as well as vocabulary that is important for understanding the question and skill they are learning.” Teaching literacy in the classroom is not always easy, there is also some issues and problems that occur.
Teaching is not always smooth sailing, sometimes there are issues that occur when educators are teaching a lesson. Some problems that Mrs. Arnold runs across is varied ability levels, and home involvement. Home involvement can cause troubles because there are some parents who do not get involved with their students at home, this can make it difficult for the students when it comes to school work in the classroom and at home. Another thing she runs into is that the curriculum doe...

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...ple, my student volunteer on day one that takes on the role of the character from the book, if their answers to the questions make sense to what the book states, they have a good comprehension of the text.” Another way that a teacher can evaluate the students is the before, during, and after method. Mrs. Arnold uses part of the before, during, and after assessment in this lesson. She uses the during part when she evaluates her students because she tests their comprehension of the book by the questions and discussion they have.
There are different ways teachers use content literacy in their classroom. Each type of teacher, from math to science, have a different literacy content. Being an elementary teacher, there are multiple content areas that one has to prepare for. Mrs. Arnold, a first grade teacher, uses content literacy in the different subjects she teaches.

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