Essay about How Teachers Make Students Hate Reading

Essay about How Teachers Make Students Hate Reading

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John Holts paper ' 'How teachers make students hate reading" outlines key causes of why students come to hate reading and writing. In his paper he outlines problems arising from reading assignments that are too hard for the student with questions designed to bring out points that should have been learned with spelling tests that are of little to no interest to the student. He talks about mandatory reading that is one-dimensional and overdone without ever letting the students have an opportunity to say what they really thought about the book. With the fear of humiliation students are made to read aloud and when mistakes are made they are instantly known to every one in the room. This continues to the point where the safest thing to do is to the leave books alone causing students to do just enough work to make the grade. With constant learning experiences that have taken place throughout my life it is not hard to relate to this sort of fixed mindset. Growing up I was anything but average, I suffered from these same types of stigmas. I hated reading, I hated writing, and all I wanted to was was be average.

'For most children school was a place of danger, and their main business in school was staying out of danger as much as possible" Mike Rose. From my experience I would have to agree with Mike Rose. From as far back as I could remember in and out of school, I would always try to stay out of danger. Like most kids when I was younger most of what my parents said went in one ear and out the other. The one thing that I could always remember my dad saying is "if you get caught doing something, then you didn 't try hard enough." Going through elementary school, it always seemed like the teacher knew who was prepared and who was not. ...

... middle of paper ... own medication and the little that I had left over I spent buying books. For the first time in a long time my mind was quiet and I was able to focus. I was starting to enjoy quiet time reading books. I started with the books I avoided from elementary school and eventually worked my way up. My vocabulary was slowly growing and my grades as well.

Through my years of school, I have personally experienced the various levels of how teachers make students hate reading but with my own twist. I had a physical disability that deterred me from reading and kept me from writing. I developed an autoimmune disorder which kept me from advancing. But in the end, I was ambitious with enough perseverance to overcome my own obstacles and succeed. In a class where everyone is trying to succeed the benchmark for success has become higher, and the concept of being average has changed.

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