How Teachers Aid Young Children Into The Future Work Force Essay

How Teachers Aid Young Children Into The Future Work Force Essay

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Jonathan Kozol, a writer best known for discussing public education, observed several specific schools in order to see how teachers aid young children into the future work force. Kozol believes young children in schools are being deprived of things they should be grasping at their age. Although this may be true, exposing children to real-life work responsibilities is clever and necessary in order to prepare them for the future while their brains are still growing and able to grasp the information easily.
“We must start thinking of students as workers,” a high school official states (334). In the article, “Preparing Minds for Markets”, children had been asked what they wanted to be when they grew up. When asked, it seemed as though they had been “programmed” to answer in a specific way. With this in mind, there are work-themes and posters, including “Help Wanted” signs displayed throughout the school. Every classroom job has been portrayed as a manager’s position. The younger grades had simple job titles such as, “Line Manager” or “Soap Manager”. However, the older grades had more practical job titles such as, “Behavior Manager”.
Likewise, in a few classrooms, there was an “earning’s chart” and a “Classroom Bank”. The teachers use a currency in order to reward the children in a way of “cash” rewards. Nearly 100% of the students in the school are living in poverty at home, are African-American, and are without a preschool education. Older students have been required to fill out applications with references for classroom jobs, followed by attending an interview. Although many adults feel the children are just being trained as robots, principals have explained it is simply to teach students that they have an opportunity to succeed...

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...ay see the bystander in their dream that night. Although the person dreaming feels they have never seen this person before, the brain did not make this face up; they were just unconscious to all their surroundings. This is shown in the article towards the beginning when the kindergartners are asked to choose their jobs for when they grow up. The posters on the wall subconsciously influence the child’s decision.
All in all, I agree with the schools that have decided to treat children as if they are at a job. Regardless of the opinion that these children are being “trained” as robots, they are learning things at such a young age that people in their early twenties do not even know. As a younger child, the brain absorbs information easier than an adult. This method of teaching is helpful to not only the children as future employees, but also to their future employers.

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